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3 Ways Your Family Can Be Prepared in Case of a Natural Disaster

The news is filled with sudden storms, fierce fires, and other destructive disasters. Some people believe the catastrophes are due to a shift in the earth’s tilt, while others claim it is occurring because of global warming. The truth is that it doesn’t matter why the natural disasters are occurring so rapidly; what does matter is protecting your family by being prepared for some unknown contingencies.

Fighting Power Outages

Solar panels have been around for decades, and each year the designs are becoming more versatile and sturdier. Fighting power outages can be as easy as investigating solar power New Jersey, and seeing what options are available to you. From house-top solar panels to solar generators to solar battery backup systems, the choices grow each year as more individuals choose to prepare for the unknown.

Preparing a Go-Bag

A go-bag, bug-out container, or bail-out bag, is often a backpack or large duffle bag filled with a person’s essential items. The term originated because you can grab the bag and go during any emergency evacuation, or disaster. The bag should contain clothing, 72 hours of emergency food, medications, first aid supplies, and water. A blanket, sleeping bag, and flashlight are also important for each family member.

Stocking Up on Food

During and after a natural disaster, the first thing most people require is clean water and safe food. Storing up a supply of emergency rations your family will eat is easier than you think. Include peanut butter, energy bars, dried or canned foods, granola, and rice cakes. Don’t forget a can opener and food for your infants, if necessary. Store the items in an air-tight plastic bin, if possible, and change items out every six months.

Your family can be prepared if a disaster strikes your home or area. Using these three tips, you can begin preparations today so you will not be caught unaware.