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Press Cleaners Do Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is an excellent option for garments made of natural fibers. Water can make fabrics rigid, fade, or shrink. Delicate fabrics need special care when cleaning, so they are folded over a hanger to prevent the items from being damaged. A press cleaner can also take care of items with complex dyes and colors. To avoid a costly mistake, carefully fold your garments before sending them to a dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning

Press cleaners do dry cleaning. They coordinate drop-off locations with buildings and pick up and deliver the clean clothing to you. The service will remove the hassle of lining up in traffic or waiting in a long line at a dry cleaner. You can instead do more enjoyable things with your time. And you can save money by doing laundry once a week or less. Press cleaners do dry-cleaning in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Dry cleaning is excellent for garments made from natural fibers like silk and cotton. Water can cause the fabrics to become stiff, fade and shrink. Dry cleaning is perfect for garments made of delicate fibers, which should be folded over hangers to prevent them from shrinking. This method is much gentler on fabrics than traditional washing. You can even ask them to fold your clothing for you for just $1.50 per pound. Press cleaners use local cleaning companies to clean your clothes.

Professional laundry services read the labels on your garments to ensure that you choose the proper cleaning method for your garments. Clothing that says “Dry Clean Only” should be brought to a dry cleaner. Those marked “Wash in Warm Water” should be washed as directed. Follow the instructions on the label. Then get the garment to your dry cleaner of choice. If it’s marked “Wash in Warm Water” or “Dry Clean Only,” you should follow the directions carefully and bring it to your favorite dry cleaner.


When you take your clothes to the press cleaners, they use specialized equipment to get the best results. This equipment removes excess moisture and creates a crisp, clean look that a standard washer and dryer cannot produce. This process ensures that your clothing stays fresh longer and can last for many years. Press cleaners also offer free pick-up and delivery to the San Diego area. In addition, some offer $10 off their first load, so it is worth trying out these services.

If you have cotton or silk clothing, the best method for dry cleaning these garments is Launder & Press. The chemicals used in regular laundry services will cause fabric degradation and cause the garment to lose shape. Dry cleaning is less effective at removing sweat and is recommended for natural fibers like cotton or silk. Likewise, Launder & Press cleaners are gentler on your clothes. These services are beneficial for dress shirts and cotton blouses.

Dry cleaning services are eco-friendly. Because solvents used for washing fabrics are recycled, they are more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. Once used, the solvent is sent to a filter to remove impurities. This means that the solvent is recycled more than once. While washing clothes at home, soapy water cannot be recycled and can harm the environment. By contrast, dry-cleaning solvents are safe for the environment, as they are made from pure water and do not create harmful fumes.

Dry cleaning is suitable for delicate fabrics.

Many of the delicate fabrics you purchase are delicate and can be damaged by washing them in water or even the gentlest cycle. If you want to preserve the shape of your delicates, dry cleaning is the way to go. Unlike the process of washing, dry cleaning does not use soaps that can change the fabric and does not include the spin cycle. You can even leave your silk scarf with a professional dry cleaner.

However, you can still do the dry cleaning yourself at home. Some fabrics, such as linen, cashmere, and acrylic, can be washed in the machine. However, delicate fabrics like wool and silk should be hand-washed. It is crucial never to immerse them in water or agitate them in the washing machine. Dry cleaning also preserves the shape of delicate items better than washing them in water.

The dry cleaning solvent used in these services is tetrachloroethylene. This chemical is nonflammable and stable, making it an excellent choice for delicate fabrics. Cold water is used, and temperatures are kept to a moderate level. For lingerie and other clothing made of delicate materials, the recommended temperature for the washing machine is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The process can take several hours and requires a lot of work, but the results are worth it.